Example Assemblies
A-S Koh
curriculum vitae (resume)

Page updated: 2002/08/31 Two bodies projected in different directions. projectile.jpg Two beams rotated in different planes. circular.jpg A beam rotating relative to another rotating beam. relative.jpg A single pendulum and a double pendulum in plane motion. simpendu.jpg A circular pendulum and a double circular pendulum in motion. cirpendu.jpg A four bar mechanism. fourbar.jpg A piston crank mechanism. piston.jpg A sdof and a 2dof spring mass systems. springs.jpg A cantilever beam approximated by links and torsional springs. torsion.jpg A spinning cylinder pinned at one end and allowed to precess and nutate. gyro.jpg A follower beam resting on an elliptic cam. camfollower.jpg A quick return mechanism. qreturn.jpg Three prismatic blocks stacked and rotating with respect to each other. sculpture.jpg Cam, follower, rocker and plunger combination. camrocker.jpg A rack and pinion combined with a screw example. rackscrew.jpg Transmission of a constant angular velocity at an angle from the input rotation. constvel.jpg Sliding puck on a see saw impacting stops at the ends. bangbang.jpg Backhoe arm, forearm and bucket. backhoe.jpg Wobble pump with six cylinders. wobpump.jpg McPherson strut front suspension. mcpherson.jpg Watt I six-bar linkage. watti.jpg Watt II six-bar linkage. wattii.jpg Stephenson I six-bar linkage. stephensoni.jpg Stephenson II six-bar linkage. stephensonii.jpg Stephenson III six-bar linkage. stephensoniii.jpg Satellite reaction wheel consisting of gyro, gimbles and gears. gyrogear.jpg By Arved Deecke. Three body problem with inverse square law. 3body.jpg Projectile with aerodynamic drag. aero.jpg Uniform light beam fixed at one end and carrying an eccentric mass at the other. beam.jpg Duffing oscillators (cubic nonlinearity) varying from harmonic to chaotic response. chaos1.jpg A ladle lifted by a hydraulic jack and tipped by a pin running in a curved slot. pourassist.jpg By Don Ramsden. A worm gear example. wormgear.jpg A pulley example. pulley.jpg
A spur gear example. spurgear.jpg


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