What are the known problems?

Please report any problems. Let me know if you can make the installation process easier.

All Platforms:
If a dialog asks you to select an assembly or a part or a sketch that is not visible in the Graphics view, do so in the Tree view.
If an error message comes up, click on "Continue" to let Smalltalk recover. You can usually continue if you avoid the offending steps. Every error is logged in a file called error.log. Email that file to the author for debugging. Patches and workarounds will be posted as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.
'Invalid zip file'.
    Check that the download files have the exact number of bytes shown above.
'freecad8.im cannot be opened'.
    Use Winzip to unzip freecad8.zip and patch8*.zip.
    Unzip did not preserve subdirectories. Reunzip, preserving subdirectories. Otherwise move all *.sdoc files into a subdirectory
    'freeCAD' cannot run from CD-ROM or write protected media. Copy the freecad8 directory and its contents to a writable hard disk.

On Windows:

Sticky submenus:
On some machines the submenus may not open reliably. Move the cursor out of the menu item through the side and reenter from the side. This may make the problem go away.
Right clicking on some mice does not bring up the correct menu. Try right clicking while holding the ctrl key down.
On Windows 98, the help dialog for motion and force-torque dialogs will not close when the X button is clicked. Close with ESC key.
On machines with low memory, desktop icons may become white when 'freeCAD' exits. Reboot to recover. Internet Explorer 5.5 seems to be the cause. Upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.
If resizing the window is very slow to repaint, disable 'Show window contents while dragging' found in Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display/Effects.
File dialog always opens to A: drive. 'freeCAD' does not recognize networks. Run it from a local harddrive.

On Macintosh:

On Linux:
'Out of Memory' error at startup. The probable cause is having too many fonts. Execute with the following command to start freeCAD
./visual -h10M freecad8.im
Animation is jerky when the graphics window is very large. Reduce the window size.

Please report problems to
Aik-Siong Koh