How to version check, quick test and quick start 'freeCAD'?

Version check:
Since 'freeCAD' can be downloaded from many locations, it is good to check that you have the latest version.
Inside 'freeCAD', click Explain/About/freeCAD/ to locate the creation date:
'freeCADx' was created on yyyy/mm/dd.
Verify that you have the latest copy by comparing with the creation date published at:
Also check that your have the latest patch for the version.

Quick test 'freeCAD':
Click File/Open/Assembly/ to get a list of example assemblies.
Choose one, say, fourbar.asm
Click View/Tilt Rotate/ to center the model.  Drag the handles to tilt and rotate the 3D assembly.
If necessary, Click Edit/Marker Size/ to set marker sizes suitable for the drawing.
Click Simulation/Animation/ to get the animation dialog. Click Play to start animation.
You can click any View menu item and drag the tilt and rotate handles, even during animation.
Close animation window when done.
Please report problems to
Aik-Siong Koh

Quick start:
Click Explain/Quick Start/ to learn how to build a model from scratch. Together, the tutorials demonstrate the available features in 'freeCAD'.